Global Training Project 2021: Leading Cadaver-free Neurosurgery Education

The Young Neurosurgeons Forum, in collaboration with UpSurgeOn, the Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma and BrainBook, is pleased to present the first Global Training Project 2021, a no-profit initiative consisting of a series of innovative “cadaver-free” courses totally based on physical and virtual simulation.

Global Training Project 2021: Baghdad, Iraq on April 23rd

The course, funded by UpSurgeOn and the Global Research Group on Neurotrauma, will involve students and residents of 9 LMICs who will have the chance to perform simulations of transcranial approaches and aneurysm clipping procedures.

The first course will be in Baghdad, Iraq on 23rd April 2021. For more details, visit or email at

#GTP2021 #GlobalNeurosurgery #NeurosurgeryEducation

Federico Nicolosi

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