Update on the WFNS Young Neurosurgeons Forum

The WFNS Young Neurosurgeons Forum (YNF) is a WFNS committee that is an advocate and conduit for developing the knowledge, surgical skills, research capability, and career opportunities for young neurosurgeons worldwide in order to align with the WFNS mission of benefiting patients and improving neurosurgical care. Several new members joined the committee after the Istanbul meeting, covering all WFNS geographical regions.

In the past 12 months, the WFNS YNF has achieved a number of milestones:

  1. A programme of monthly webinars has been initiated (YouTube channel is here). The inaugural webinar was given by the WFNS President, Prof Franco Servadei.
  2. A collaboration with two digital platforms (UpSurgeOn apps and Brainbook) has allowed the WFNS YNF to use social media in order to broaden its reach to neurosurgeons worldwide.
  3. A collaboration with the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) has led to the development of a standardised checklist that can be used by medical students on neurosurgical electives worldwide.
  4. Ongoing communication with continental Young Neurosurgeons committees is opening up new possibilities of collaboration for the benefit of young neurosurgeons worldwide. For example, the WFNS YNF jointly organised with the EANS Young Neurosurgeons committee the 8th EANS Young Neurosurgeons’ Meeting focused on neuro-oncology in March 2018.
  5. The WFNS YNF is actively involved with the Global Neurotrauma Outcomes (GNOS) study that aims to provide a global picture of the management and outcomes of patients undergoing emergency surgery for traumatic brain injury.

The support provided by the WFNS leadership, particularly Dr. Franco Servadei and Dr. David Adelson, has been very important.

Finally, the WFNS YNF has initiated a survey of young neurosurgeons (i.e. those in training or within 10 years after the end of residency). This online survey aims to document, for the first time, not only the demographics and needs of young neurosurgeons worldwide but also their views on improving neurosurgical care for all those who need it.

If you haven’t already done so, please click below to complete the survey


The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and we would be grateful if you could forward it to as many of your young neurosurgical colleagues as possible.

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